Besides my new book, I made severel pieces of art in the past decades.

All pieces in black and white, analog and digital.

In the past 40 years I've made pictures of different subjects,

landscapes, portraits, urban and streetphotography.

The images are timeless, sometimes bald and rough,

but always natural.

I would say, see for yourself!


"Brown Shoes"   London 2012

"Left or right"   Belgium 1985

"Incognito"   Berlin 2017

"Gravity"   Berlin 2017

"Hard day's work"   Berlin 2017

"Wetlands"   The Netherlands 2015

"Misty Hop"   The Netherlands 2012

"Festival du Film"   The Netherlands 2015

"Rolling"   Belgium 1997

"Blanco"   Amsterdam 2018



"Callejón"  Mallorca 2020

"Ruelle"  Paris 2016

"Outside"  Hoorn  2012

"The Fair"  Hoorn 2014

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